Rever Industries and 3D printing

Rever Industries 3D Printing Filaments has grown with the 3D printing industry providing affordable 3D printing filaments. By focusing on our customers recommendations and feedback, we strive in becoming the leader in selling 3D printing filaments. We provide outstanding customer service and assistance in a timely manner to all customers. Rever Industries look forward to serving you and we thank our past customers for doing business with us. When looking for affordable 3D printing filaments, look no further than Rever Industries - FibReel. Whether you're a 3D printing hobbyist or a large corporation, Rever Industries under the brand name of FibReel sells quality affordable ABS & PLA filaments that produce consistent 3D models every time. Other materials in 3D printing filaments such as ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA are also provided by Rever Industries-FibReel.

3D printing filament prices at Rever Industries-FibReel are kept so low because of our own manufacturing capabilities. Rever Industries will never go through a vendor or middle man, the savings are always passed on to the customer. We feel our postage pricing is as fair as possible and delivery speed well within customer's expectations. Customer service is our top priority at Rever Industries, and while some issues are beyond our control, we do our best to ensure your transaction exceeds your expectations.